Finance for Non-Financial Professionals

In today’s dynamic business environment, it is often that divisional managers have been given the authorities to make decision related to financial issues. There is a need for all business entities or division head to grasp a fundamental understanding as well as equip with financial management skills and knowledge to become a truly all-rounded managers.


Finance for Non-Financial Professionals


This workshop is specifically designed for professionals, managers and executives to help reinforce their understanding of key accounting and finance principles that are a part of everyday business and to raise their level of financial awareness. The workshop will be delivered in an easy-to-understand manner using case studies and practical illustrations. Participants will learn how to read and interpret financial statements, assess the viabilities of new business opportunities, as well as appreciate how shareholders values can be created. In addition, the trainer will equip the participants with working knowledge of pricing and costing, as well as how accounting information can be used for effective management control and motivate performance.

By the end of this workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Familiarization of accounting jargons
  • Become familiar with the different types of financial reports, cash flow, and investment analyses
  • Learn to adeptly read and assess financial statements
  • Understand how the numbers are generated, how they can be manipulated, and which ones to rely on for making informed decisions
  • Understand the core financial tools used to evaluate business opportunities and assess financial risks
  • Appreciate how funding decisions can affect the performance of companies
  • Learn key accounting tools for making costing and managerial decisions
  • Apply the principles of accounting in making marketing and pricing decisions
  • Learn how to assess company or division performance by interpreting financial data intelligently
  • Appreciate how the performance of the company could be improved by using strategic management approaches

Professionals, managers and executives involved in business activities with financial implications.

This workshop is not for Accounting or Finance specialists

This workshop combines interactive learning methods with real life business scenarios to bring out the full implications of the concepts in accounting and finance. The workshop uses hands-on exercises, class discussions, simulations and tests of understanding.

This training program is to be conducted from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and requires at least two (2) days to complete most of the application comprehensively. In the event that the client request for the program to be shortened to less than two (2) days, please note that the application might not be as comprehensive.

Program Descriptions

  • Introduction to financial information and components in financial reports
  • Understanding the concept CAPEX, Depreciation, amortisation, accrual and prepayment & its impact to financial reports
  • Analysis of financial reports using various ratios
  • Investment appraisal using various methods – Net Present Value & Payback Method
  • Cash flow & working capital management
  • Evaluation of investment return

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