Strategy Planning & Leadership


Given the uncertainties of the times, today’s business leaders need to seriously rethink their value propositions and strategies for success. What worked yesterday will not necessarily work tomorrow. And just as critically, the tools that have been used in the past to solve the uncertainties of business life are often unable to generate answers for the increasingly chaotic times of today.


Strategic Planning Execution & Leadership


Strategic Planning Execution & Leadership is a two-day workshop that will provide the forward- thinking business executive with the latest concepts and techniques that have been developed to deal with market uncertainty and risk. We will first discuss the nature of market changes that have created so much confusion, and then will turn to the potential solutions to the problems that have emerged. The program will review materials in all of the key functions of management and show how these new concepts are assisting firms to deal with market upheaval and change; these tools include scenario planning, real options reasoning, environmental scanning, and other such managerial concepts.”

  • Learn personally from one of the world’s leading experts in business and management.
  • Prepare effectively for challenges ahead in leadership roles.
  • Network with other managers and executives to share perspectives and experience to meet the demands of change.
  • Real-life case studies and discussion forums provide great opportunities to learn best practices from around the world.
  • Be better equipped to rethink the strategies and tactics of your own organization, and redefine what you have to do to succeed in the foggy future of the current market place.

Program Descriptions

Session 1 : What is Strategy? What is Strategic Execution?

  • Strategy Formulation: A process involving people and Technology.
  • Knowing the customers, the company, and the competition.
  • Why organisational values and “culture” count.
  • Why do strategies fail? Problems is execution!

Session 2 : Key issues in Strategic Execution

  • Goals and Objectives: Organisational clarity.
  • Organisational Design: Strategy and Structure.
  • Incentive Systems: Alignment with Organisational Strategy.
  • Communications and Control Systems.

Session 3 : Case Analysis in Strategic Execution

  • Case studies.
  • Small-group discussion and case preparation.
  • Group case presentations to entire seminar.

Session 4 : Managing risk and uncertainty

  • Today’s business world: risk & uncertainty are everywhere!
  • The management or risk and the management of uncertainty.
  • What managerial functions and activities need to be addressed, and what tools are available to address them.

Session 1 : Organisational Structure and strategic Execution

  • Strategic Alignment: Why structure is critical.
  • Ways to organise: the major variables.
  • Problems for the Global Firm: the Matrix Organisation.

Session 2 : Organisational Culture : People and processes and values

  • Major elements of organizational culture.
  • “Sociability” vs “Solidarity” – or Task and Relationship
  • Managing people and strategic execution

Session 3 : Strategic Leadership

  • Leaders “Theories”.
  • Leadership and strategic execution.
  • Characteristics of World-Class Organisations.
  • Leadership and Change Management.

Session 4 : Program Summary: Where do we go from here?

  • Malaysia today: what direction?
  • Issues the Malaysian business leader needs to address.
  • Preparing for the future.

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