The Secrets of Influential Communication: The Art of Achieving & Gaining Competitive Edge

  • Are you fed up of having to repeat instructions?
  • You thought you were clear in giving instructions, yet your staff do not get you right?
  • Is yes really a yes when they nod their heads?

Both of you were speaking in English and yet something is missing here. Often you doubted their capabilities and wonder would they ever improve. Did it occur to you that the problem lies in communication and not necessarily your staff?

Communication is not about what you said but what you heard. It is not direct but indirect and it does not necessarily result understanding. You want to say it right the first time and command the skills to win people. Language creates reality and effective communication creates results. This workshop puts you in control of a new dimension of leadership and provides the communication skills needed to motivate people, move up the career ladder, and handle difficult situations.


The Secrets of Influential Communication: The Art of Achieving & Gaining Competitive Edge


The workshop is highly interactive and fun. We use psychological tools to assist you to discover your potentials, areas of strengths and weaknesses. We impart knowledge on how to capitalise your strengths for maximum benefits and leverage on your weaknesses for improvements.

  • Develop the fundamentals of communication
  • Communicate well with people at all levels and share work related ideas and information in a clear and unambiguous manner
  • Develop self confidence and enhance self‐esteem in dealing with people
  • Adopt a proactive and positive approach in dealing with negative feedback and responses
  • Promote learning and development through understanding of people at the subconscious level of minds
  • Develop capabilities to overcome misunderstandings and minimize conflicts
  • Turn around critical communication situations into opportunities to build and maintain rapport, trust and achieve results

Managers, professionals, executives and business owners who want to increase their effectiveness and performance at the organizational, interpersonal and personal levels. Anyone, who desire to i m p r o v e communication and influencing skills, and overcome interaction barriers.

This two (2) day training programme is to be conducted from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Participants will enjoy the benefits of enhanced self‐esteem and social confidence which in turn will impact positively on the quality of your work performance. The areas where benefits can be accrued are:

  • Motivating staff
  • Managing conflict
  • Influencing people
  • Negotiating
  • Interviewing
  • Giving presentations
  • Conducting meetings

Program Descriptions

1. You Think, You Speak!

  • Understand the psychology behind you for communication effectiveness
  • Discover your encoded assumptions & rules of engagements based on your perception
  • The Coloured Glasses Syndrome and your perceptio
  • Right & Left Brain Communication

2. The 4 Principles of Coloured Brain Processor

  • Discover your brain genetic style of processing information through Colored Brain Communication Inventory
  • Discover your strengths and gaps and the strategies for improvement
  • Learn to interpret the colour brain processors of other people
  • Learn the ways to communicate influentially to get things done

3. Foundation of Communication

  • What are the 7 Components of Communication?
  • What prevent us from communicating effectively?
  • Communication & Perception – how is it linked?
  • We cannot Not Communicate! ‐ Non‐verbal, body language and posture

4. Communication Skills Enhancement

  • Learn the 6 Methods of Active Listening
  • The Power of Words and how can we convert negative response to
  • positive feedback
  • Developing trust & relationship
  • Ways to say ‘NO’ – role play
  • Cross – cultural communication – your tool to dealing with foreigners

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