Sales and Negotiation Skills for Sales Professionals

This Programme aims to help you create and sell value in order to strengthen your position.

Its focus is also on helping you position yourself as a consultant and solution provider instead of a product sales person.

Do you want to

  • Learn how to create value and sell value to your customers so that you can strengthen your position?
  • Learn how to influence your customers & help them to make decisions that favour you?
  • Learn how to communicate, consult and sell in such a way that engages the customer to see you as a solution provider rather than a typical salesperson?


Sales and Negotiation Skills for Sales Professionals


At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Know and relate to the fundamentals of understanding self and customers in order to communicate well with them to create better rapport and results.
  • Create the values that their customers really want hence making their competition irrelevant.
  • Value-add as a “consultant” so their existing customers will be persuaded to buy their other products.
  • Knowing how to plan and prepare for a successful negotiation including handling the customers’ emotion.
  • Uncover simple yet effective ways to develop rapport with clients through persuasive and influencing skill
  • Making sales presentations engaging and effective.
  • Getting results with people: Understanding self and customers.
  • Selling to and communicating (via emails, phone or face-to-face) with customers according to their personalities.
  • What is Value (compare to price)?
  • Quantifying & Selling Value
  • Present and Articulate Value confidently to close sales.
  • Planning for negotiation.
  • Negotiation strategies and techniques.
  • Understand customers’ negotiation styles so you can influence and win over.

Managers and executives involved in Sales, Marketing, Business development and anyone involved in sales and negotiations.

This fun and interactive workshop will be conducted with a good blend of instructions, discussions, games and selected presentation practices.

This training programme is to be conducted from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and requires at least two (2) days to complete most of the application comprehensively. In the event that the client request for the Programme to be shortened to less than two (2) days, please note that the application might not be as comprehensive.

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