Persuasive Sales Presentation Skills

In an ever changing and increasingly challenging economic environment around the world today, one thing is certain: every qualified opportunity we pursue now becomes even more precious and critical!

Customers now expect more with less, timeline to delivery is more urgent, expectations on quality products and services are higher.

But many people do not realize how often they squander their opportunity to win by not delivering their presentations to their customers, partners, suppliers and supervisors in a persuasive and impactful way.

A study done by the University of Minnesota has shown that: “Clients are 43% more likely to say YES and willing to pay an extra 26% for the same services”  if the presenter can deliver their presentations so persuasively and can make a lasting impact.

Persuasive and effective presentation skill therefore is one of the most important skills for every executive in today’s business environment whether they are selling an idea, a product or solution.


Persuasive Sales Presentation Skills


This workshop will equip the participants with the essential skills of presenting confidently, tips and techniques to deliver their message to create a lasting impact and practice sessions to improve their self-confidence as a presenter.

  • Increase your self-confidence when delivering presentations
  • Increase your sales closing rate by customizing your presentation to address your customer’s key concerns
  • Acquire the ability to read people and influence the decisions they make
  • Discover and experiment with tips and techniques which can help you create an impact in your presentations.
  • To know the benefits of being a great presenter
  • Understand and know how to develop a professional image and presence as a salesperson or consultant
  • Develop the ability to read people and know how they make decisions
  • Know how to plan and structure your presentation
  • Explore creative ways to enhance your presentation
  • Learn basic facilitation skills
  • Tips and techniques for being in control when things go wrong.
  • Benefits of being a great speaker
  • How to make close more sales and make more money with a professional image & presence
  • Discover a proven method to read people & understand their decision making styles
  • 3 simple steps to plan and structure your presentation to get your message across;
  • Being a creative & memorable presenter o Using stories for impact
  • Learn useful facilitation skills
  • How to think and speak the ‘CEO language’ when presenting to senior management
  • Tips & Techniques for an impactful presentation

Sales managers and executives, business managers, pre-sales consultants, sales supportstaff and anyone who needs to persuade or sell to clients or business partners.

This training programme is to be conducted from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and requires at least two (2) days to complete most of the application comprehensively. In the event that the client request for the Programme to be shortened to less than two (2) days, please note that the application might not be as comprehensive.

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