High Impact Presentation Skills

Delivering high quality presentations and speeches is much more than standing in front of a group of people and giving a pre-written message. It is about flexibility and the art of imagination and creativity to help your audience get a clearer picture of what you are trying to communicate. An awareness and understanding of body language strategies, the application and impact of particular phrasing, and the control and use of emotional intelligence are all part of the big picture of delivering high quality speeches and presentations.

This course is designed to take the fear out of giving presentations and public speaking by providing participants with successful techniques to improve their effectiveness and clarity. It also aims to refine the participant’s ability to adapt public speaking to different types of audience, and effectively deliver motivating and memorable speeches and presentations. This highly interactive and very practical workshop is based on the latest thinking and research and is filled with activities, discussions and DVD clips. It focuses on increasing the participants’ confidence through ‘hands-on’ practice and will be a fun, enjoyable and informative programme.


High Impact Presentation Skills


By the end of the workshop participants will have improved their ability to deliver excellent presentations and speeches through the following objectives:

  • Developing the participants’ knowledge of the ingredients of a memorable speech.
  • Practising a series of proven presentation techniques through a variety of different activities.
  • Developing the participants’ ability to create a memorable first and last impression.
  • Developing an awareness and understanding of how body language can impact speeches and interactions.
  • Improving the participants’ ability to manage aggressive and intimidating questions.
  • Understanding how vocabulary choice and voice projection can alter the perception of the message by the audience.
  • Understanding how emotional intelligence can improve confidence levels when giving presentations and speaking in public.

This workshop is designed for participants who wish to improve their skills in delivering high quality presentations and speeches. It is designed for both the those people who have little experience of giving speeches and presentations, and those who have some experience but would like to fine tune their delivery and hone their skills further.

This two (2) day training programme is to be conducted from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Program Descriptions

  • Stepping out of the comfort zone
  • First videoed presentation
  • Your objectives
  • Analysing the component parts
  • Structure: informing and persuading
  • Rationale: speaker & audience
  • Creating impact with your opening
  • Enthusiasm and impact
  • Linking ideas and linking sections
  • Using your voice for influence and interest:
  • Intonatione
  • Stresse
  • Pause
  • Creating a smooth delivery: getting rid of ‘ers’ and ‘ums’
  • The impact of using positive words and phrases
  • Body Language:

o Mannerisms

o Gestures

o facial expressions

  • Creating a memorable ending: making a lasting impression
  • Using humour and anecdotes
  • Questions from a friendly audience: 3 cardinal rules
  • Questions from a hostile audience
  • Using emotional intelligence with your audience
  • Nerve control and memory aids
  • Final videoed presentation
  • The final analysis: what to take away

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