Executive Financial Planning for Working Adults

The greatest asset in any business organization is its Executives. From the most junior right up to the chief executive, from those at the front-lines right into the back office, they make significant contributions to ensure that the business organization stays on the growth trajectory and meet its profitability targets.

Increasing competitiveness in the marketplace, the advent of new technologies and rapid globalization means that Executives are spending more time and energy seeking solutions to enhance the long term prospects of their employers’ business as well as seeking to reward its shareholders.

But what about the Executive’s own financial well-being in the future, especially when they are no longer employable, due to age or incapacitation? Do they have the necessary personal financial skills to manage their money in these tough economic times?

It is for this reason that we have designed this programme, “Executive Financial Planning for Working Adults” that enables your Executives to take care of their own personal wealth and financial plans. With the confidence that their financial future is secured, your Executives will have the peace of mind to do their best for the employer.


Executive Financial Planning for Working Adults

The objectives of this unique Programme are as follows:

  • Empower your Executives with the skills sufficient to plan for their future goals, as well as to navigate through the obstacles throughout their financial journey;
  • Equip your Executives with the tools to perform financial calculations necessary for planning purposes; and
  • Educate your Executives on the various alternatives and options available when it comes to any purchasing decisions as well as on avoiding the common financial pitfalls.

In order to address the various issues and personal financial planning needs of working professionals aged 20-65.

This Programme is designed to be highly interactive and participative. There is a learning activity in every module so that experiential learning can take place.

The following tools and approaches will be used:

Facilitation of learning

  • Personal financial tools
  • Impartation of knowledge and principles
  • Case study
  • Group exercise
  • Video
  • Q & A

This Programme will be structured in 4 modules and to be conducted in 4 days, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Program Descriptions

  • Putting together your financial plans
  • Managing your monthly cash flows
  • Managing debt
  • Maximising on tax benefits and incentives available
  • Make your money work harder – your investment strategy
  • Property Investment: Strategies in Wealth Creation
  • Planning for children’s tertiary education fund
  • Planning for a secure and comfortable retirement
  • Determining your insurance needs
  • Insurance planning for young families
  • Insurance planning – for a secure retirement
  • Planning for inheritance
  • Will writing and estate planning
  • Understanding distribution arrangements under Faraid laws and how to make alternative arrangements
  • Claims upon death

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