Essential Skills for Leading and Managing People

This workshop is designed to address two important aspects of leading and managing a workforce.

Part I will provide tools and techniques on Managing People that a manager needs to guide and lead people towards achieving organizational goals.

Part II will provide guides and tools to managers on how to develop interpersonal skills so as to be able to motivate and inspire their team members towards high performance.

  • Know and articulate the reason why they need to work with people
  • Understand the manage the process of team forming
  • Develop a strategic vision of what they want their team to achieve
  • Identify tasks and delegate effectively to achieve organizational goals
  • Manage conflicts during team forming and in teams
  • Understand themselves and their team members better so that trust and cooperation can be obtained
  • Motivate and inspire the people they work with to exert greater efforts in their productivity
  • Initiate and manage change improvement process in their organization
  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Those who would like to learn how to coach and mentor team member


Essential Skills for Leading and Managing People


This workshop is designed to be interactive and participative. The following tools and techniques will be used during the workshop:

Individual and Group Work Johari Window Model
Case Studies Delegation Template
Situational Leadership Mode Group Discussion and Peer Group Sharing
MBTI Model Video clips
MBTI Assessment Facilitator’s Coaching
Participant Manual

Project Description

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