The Enlightened Negotiator: Going Beyond Win-Win

Negotiations take place all the time, everyday in fact, and by all types of people. For some of us it comes a little easier than others, although it is a skill that requires continual development to ensure the best possible outcome. It also requires developing a conscious awareness and reflection of the subtle component parts of any interaction such as confidence, courage, consideration, persuasion, deflection, analysis and information delivery. Negotiation need not be about conflict, although this sometimes happens, it is about the process of working together to achieve a positive outcome.


The Enlightened Negotiator: Going Beyond Win-Win


This highly interactive and very practical two-day workshop begins with a quick overview of current negotiation paradigms and evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of Win/Win negotiating. It then moves on to look at alternative approaches that go beyond Win/Win such as Process Negotiating that puts the emphasis on the subtle variations at each part of the interaction to effect a better outcome. This workshop is based on the latest research and is filled with activities, video, DVD, role- plays and problem solving simulations. It focuses on taking negotiation to the next level i.e. communicating with the other party’s subconscious using the tools of body language, NLP, positive language use, and social intelligence.

By the end of this course each participant will take away new skills they can put into practice right away, and also be aware of how to develop themselves into better negotiators in the future.

This course aims to improve the participants’ ability to conduct and influence negotiations by:

  • Practising a series of proven negotiation techniques through a variety of different activities that go beyond the Win/Win paradigm.
  • Knowing how to use non-verbal and meta-communication to put your views across in non-confrontational ways.
  • Understanding how to effectively neutralise and use authority in a negotiation.
  • Knowing how to use BATNA effectively to increase the chances of a well formed outcome.
  • Understanding how social and emotional intelligence can impact negotiations.
  • Understanding the Milton Model and how to implant ideas and suggestions in people’s subconscious mind.

This course is designed for negotiators at all levels of interaction between staff, clients, colleagues and suppliers. This can include procurement officers, managers, executives, supervisory staff and all personnel who are involved in buying, selling or negotiating.

This two (2) day training programme is to be conducted from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Program Descriptions

  • The biggest mistakes people make
  • When you can’t negotiate
  • 8 Key Influencing Tactics
  • Practical application: 3 short role plays
  • Six negotiation paradigms – which are you?
  • Balancing courage and consideration
  • Eliminating obstacles
  • Going beyond Win/Win: process negotiating
  • Focussing on solutions not problems
  • The Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)
  • Sun Tsu: building golden bridges
  • Case study: what would you do?
  • First impressions: the dos and don’ts of building relationships
  • Neutralising authority power
  • DVD: short clips on negotiation techniques
  • Using NLP in negotiations: eye accessing cues
  • Powerful words and phrases that sell
  • The influence of positive language
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Separate people from their positioning
  • Dealing with hostile people and hostile questions
  • The Milton Model of implanting ideas and suggestions
  • Using Social Intelligence for a better outcome – DVD
  • Using 5 perceptual positions to end deadlock
  • More options, more opportunities: role-play
  • Non-verbal communication: signs to look out for
  • Matching, mirroring and leading
  • Micro-Expression Analysis Tool
  • Bringing the negotiation to a close
  • Post mortem: reflection on what went well
  • Summary: the enlightened negotiator thought chart
  • Further reading

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