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Personal Financial Planning (PFP) Personal Financial Planning Programme Suite
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Practice Development Workshop Proven Approach in Building a Successful Financial Planning Practice in Malaysia
Money Education Workshop Smart Money-User Workshop Smart Money Skills Workshop
Financial Planning Seminar

Financial Planning for Managers & Executives

Investment Planning and Investments for Managers & Executives

Essentials of Personal Financial Planning (Smart Money Skills Workshop)

Financial Decision Making

Personal Financial Planning is the process of meeting an individual's life goals through the proper management of his finances. Life goals can include buying a home, going for vacations, saving for a child's education or planning for retirement.

For individuals who want to learn about managing their finances and for personal development, this is a great opportunity to equip yourself with necessary information which will be extremely helpful in covering your bases during times of financial crisis.


Benefits of having PERSONAL FINANCIAL PLANNING knowledge:
• Acquire knowledge and develop expertise in retirement planning, insurance, risk management investment, tax and estate planning.
• When you want to plan your financial affairs such as:
   ο build investments over the long term
   ο invest a lump sum of money such as an inheritance or redundancy payout
   ο protect your income or investments
plan major changes in your personal circumstances, such as retirement where large sums of
      money are involved.
learn about personal taxation, superannuation, stocks options
   ο plan for your child's education

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Everyone who has an interest in learning money management skills.


KMDC is the leading education and training provider of Personal Financial Planning (PFP) programmes in Malaysia and currently offers a series of PFP programmes, seminars and workshops as follows:

1. Certified Financial Planner Certification (CFP) programme - 6 modules, for those who aim to become certified professional financial planners. For more information about CFP, click HERE.

2. Smart Money-User (SMU) Workshop: 4 modules, facilitated by Carol Yip, for the public and including financial planners who want to learn how to achieve personal financial success.

This program simplifies the whole concept and methodology of Personal Financial Education and Planning into something that every lay person will be able to comprehend and relate to. As clichéd as it may sound, Knowledge is Power. In this context, Knowledge gives You the Power to manage your finances in an effective manner.

After going through the workshops, you should have a better and clearer understanding of the importance of learning Personal Financial Management, knowing what it is really about and being aware of the impact of successful financial management in your life. For the details of this series of workshop, scroll down.

3. Smart Money Skills (SMS) Workshop: 4 modules, learn the fundamentals of smart money management skills that we believe everyone ought to learn. Topics included: taxation planning, how to be a smart investor, keeping bad thins from interrupting your goals, funding retirement and education and estate planning. Target audience: general public.

4. Financial Planning Seminar: a series of 1-day financial planning seminar, designed for industry practitioners to update themselves and for the public to have a better understanding about topics related to financial planning. click HERE for the details.

5. Wealth Management Seminar: a series of wealth management seminar targeting the public to create awareness of the importance of money management. This series of wealth management seminar is usually offered on complimentary basis and admission is free. Click HERE for the details.

Money Education by Carol Yip

New: Smart Money-User Workshop by Carol Yip

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Introductory Rate: 


RM380 per module; inclusive of handouts, lunch & refreshments (Standard Rate: RM450 per module)

RM350 per module - Early Bird Promotion ends Oct 31, 2009

Special Package Rate:  RM1200 for all 4 modules; i.e. RM300 per module (saves RM320, Normal Introductory Rate: RM380 x 4 modules = RM1520)

Module Topics & Course Outline

Module 1:
Know Thyself, Know Your Financial Future
(Course Code: SMU1)  

Facilitator: Carol Yip

Date: Nov 21, 2009 (Saturday)

Time: 9:30am-5:00pm

Venue: Uptown Conference Centre, Level 12, Tower A, Uptown 5, Damansara Uptown, PJ (Map)

Video Clip: Family Money Rules: the spoken and unspoken words about money

The 10-minute movie clip below exemplifies the need for all of us to know the importance of how our family and social backgrounds affect the way we see and utilize money in our daily lives.


Module 1:

Know Thyself, Know Your Financial Future

This topic covers “Financial Self Assessment and Looking into the Future” and the “Dynamics of Family& Marriage for Financial Legacy”.

These two areas of focus will help you understand:

  • What makes you spend, save & invest the way you do
  • How personal attitude & belief impacts your personal financial well being
  • How to create financial security in all phases of life
  • What it takes to make effective personal financial decisions
  • How the different stages of life & the choices made can affect the final outcome in life& retirement
  • The complexity of marriage & family structure in order to diminish financial stresses & disputes
  • The importance of educating children about money management from a young age

Module 2:
Learn How Money Works
(Course Code: SMU2)

Facilitator: Carol Yip

Date: Nov 28, 2009 (Saturday)

Time: 9:30am-5:00pm

Venue: Uptown Conference Centre, Level 12, Tower A, Uptown 5, Damansara Uptown, PJ (Map)

Video Clip: Avoid Using Your Credit Cards

Interview with Carol Yip on Credit Cards by Mark Laudi of


Module 2: Learn How Money Works

At this point, you will gain knowledge of “Financial Hard-Facts and Terminology” as well as learn about the “Application of Conventional & Islamic Financial Products & Services”.

The areas of study will assist in:

1. Basic personal financial management. Learn to manage your budget, construct a spending journal, calculate your net worth and organize your cash flow statements for specific phases of life.

2. Understanding of Malaysia’s Financial & Banking System, EPF, and other local financial bodies. (e.g.: FMUTM, FPAM, SIDC, SC, Bank Negara, etc.)

3. The application & understanding of features of conventional and syariah-compliant financial products for personal money management. This is in terms of Savings/Current account& Fixed/Time deposits, types of loans & debts, types of conventional & unconventional investments, types of Insurances & Takaful. This topic also covers Internet Banking for personal money management along with online trading of financial products.


Module 3:

Turning Impossible Goals, Possible!
(Course Code: SMU3)

Facilitator: Carol Yip

Date: Dec 5, 2009 (Saturday)

Time: 9:30am-5:00pm

Venue: Uptown Conference Centre, Level 12, Tower A, Uptown 5, Damansara Uptown, PJ (Map)


Module 3: Turning Impossible Goals, Possible!

This stage addresses the age old question of “What you want to achieve?” Be it in life as a whole, focused financial objectives or other self-actualizing goals. If you really think about it, and as much as one would be reluctant to admit it, the thing that makes the world (if not your world) go round, is Money. Therefore, the topic of focus for Stage 3 is “Financial Empowerment”.

In this session, you will learn:
How to conduct effective management & planning with regard to various portfolios, as well as create personal investment portfolios to suit different phases of life so as to meet your life & financial goals.

Module 4:

Generate Effective Financial Plan
(Course Code: SMU4)

Facilitator: Carol Yip

Date: Dec 6, 2009 (Sunday)

Time: 9:30am-5:00pm

Venue: Uptown Conference Centre, Level 12, Tower A, Uptown 5, Damansara Uptown, PJ (Map)

Video Clip: How to Reduce Credit Card Debts


Module 4: Generate Effective Financial Plan

This final stage, you will discover the ways to "Working with People for Financial Success”. Here you will learn that regardless of the team of professionals you may employ to manage your finances, you are still the Captain of your Financial Ship. The final decision is still your hands. The key to Captain your ship successfully, you will need to:

1. Learn to have a sense of responsibility & accountability in executing and implementing the financial plan with the use of various tools & products
2. Continuously motivate yourself to achieve your personal goals
3. Understand the implications and effects of globalization to careers and businesses
4. Understand how distractions lead to financial failure, the dos and don’ts to prevent personal & business bankruptcy and the consequences of being declared bankrupt
5. Learn how to effectively apply financial techniques via case studies with different life scenarios.

Video Clip: Achieving Success in Finance

Video Clip: Financial Problem

About Carol Yip

Carol Yip holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (Majoring in Finance with Distinction) from the University of Hull, UK, a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (Honours) from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) from the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia.

She is also the President of Monash University Alumni Malaysia. and also member of the Monash Alumni Advisory Group (MAAG) for Monash University Australia.

Carol has been recognized for her “Outstanding Career Achievements and Contribution to Society in the Finance and Commerce Sector” by The Malaysian Women’s Weekly Great Women of Our Time Award 2008.

Carol Yip
Money RulesSmart Money User Carol Yip is the author of “Smart Money User” and “Money Rules” - two books that reveal how your state of mind and beliefs affect how much (or how little) wealth you will have, or retain. She appears regularly on national television including NTV7 and RTM2 to talk on the topic of Behaviorial Finance in Personal Money.

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