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CFPCertified Financial Planner


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CErtified Financial Planner Certification program

Certified Financial Plannner

The CFP programme offered in Malaysia is both internationally and locally recognised. KDU Management Development Centre (KMDC) is the leading education provider of CFP programme in Malaysia.

The CFP certification programme evolves around ‘4Es’ – Education, Examination, Experience and Ethics – which are the cornerstones of the professional. The CFP certification course consists of four (4) modules with 60 hours of classroom-based lectures per module followed by examinations. Candidates who have completed the AFPM programme (Module 1) will go through only the last three (3) modules. Shortest time frame to complete the programme is 12 months. Candidates taking the AFPM or CFPcertification will be required to first be Trade Members of the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM).

Education requirement

In Malaysia, with effect from 1st July 2002, members can select any of the 3 options to complete the CFPcertification course.

Entry requirements: a bachelor’s degree (any discipline) OR if without a degree but have at least 5 years of relevant work experience, can opt for sitting for PLRA – Prior Learning Recognition Assessment. Once passed, you will eligible to join the CFP programme. Candidates are only allowed to register for the PLRA assessment 2 times and there must be a break of 6 months between the attempts.

Three Options

Option A – CFP Certification Course

Members without any relevant qualifications are required to sit for the whole CFP certification course, which comprise of Module 1 to 4. This is presently  offered to our members by our Education Providers (EP). Below are the 4 Modules in the CFP certification course.

Module 1 – Foundation in Financial Planning

Module 2 – Insurance Planning and Estate Planning

Module 3 – Investment Planning and Retirement Planning

Module 4 – Financial Plan Construction and Professional Responsibilities

Shortest time frame to complete the programme is 12 months.

Minimum academic requirements: a bachelor’s degree (any discipline)

Option B – Partial Exemption on Modules

FPAM recognizes that certain professional qualifications cover some of the components in financial planning. Holders of the following qualifications are granted exemption as listed below (terms and conditions apply)(X denotes exemption):


M 1

M 2

M 3

M 4

Licensed Unit Trust & Private Retirement Scheme Consultants (FIMM)**


Registered Financial Planners (MFPC)



Chartered Financial Practioners (Namlifa)


MII Dip. in Financial Planning


Chartered Life Underwriters


Life Underwriters Training Council of Fellows


Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment


*Terms and Conditions:
1. All must have a Bachelor’s degree with the exception of those with many years of vast and relevant work experience who have gotten special consideration and are granted exemption by FPAM; and
2. All must attend CFP Tax workshop and purchase the subject manual except RFP holders.

**Unit Trust and Private Retirement Scheme Consultants (collectively known as “Consultants”) that are actively registered with Federation of Investment Managers (FIMM):-

a) The Consultant must pass Computerised Unit Trust Examination (CUTE) or Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) Examination;
b) The Consultant must have a degree OR a diploma with minimum 5 years of relevant work experience;
c) The Consultant must attend CFP Tax Workshop and purchase the subject manual;
d) The Consultants who are exempted from CUTE or PRS examination are not eligible for the CFP Module 1 exemption and they must have a Bachelor degree in order to gain entry to CFP programme.

How to apply for CFP Partial Exemption?

Download the application form below and follow the instruction on the form, submit required documents such as your degree certificate with the completed form and send it to FPAM or KMDC.

Download Application Form for applying for partial exemption (PDF file).

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Option C – Challenge Status

Only Malaysians who possess the following qualifications or professional credentials with 3 years relevant work experience in personal finance* are eligible to apply. Exemption is for Modules 1-3 of the CFP certification. Applicants are allowed only 3 consecutive attempts under this option.

1. Qualifications:

· Professional Accountants (CA(M), CPA(M), CPA(Australia), AICPA, ACA, ACCA, ICMA and AIA)
· Chartered Secretaries (ICSA & Fellow of MACS)
· Chartered Financial Consultants (ChFC)
· Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA)
· Islamic Financial Planner (IFP) – Applicants are required to attend Insurance Planning & Estate Planning workshop in addition to the Module 4 workshop.
· PhD (Business, Accounting & Economics)
· Masters (Business Administration/Finance/Economics/Accounting) from accredited universities

*2. Members must have 3 years of personal finance related experience which can be in any or all the following areas: Insurance, mutual funds, securities, asset management, accounting, estate planning, banking, taxation, trusts, retirement planning and financial planning. The 3 years of relevant work experience must be within the 5 years prior to application for Challenge Status.

(For definition of relevant financial planning experience, please click here)

3. There will be three (3) consecutive examination attempts only for the challenge status commencing immediately after obtaining approval from FPAM. After the 3 attempts or non-attempts, they must enroll for the normal CFP certification examinations.

How to apply for CFP Challenge Status?

If qualified, you may apply for Challenge Status. Download the appropriate information and form(s) then submit to FPAM or KMDC together with required documents. Instructions on how to apply and the documents required are already stated in the application form:

Click the links below to Download:

  • Do I qualified for Challenge Status?
  • Application Form & Checklist for Challenge Status and
    • Sample Work Letter – Self-employed or
    • Sample Work Letter – Agents or
    • Sample Work Letter – employer

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Secure Your Future: Invest in Financial Planning Course 

Additional requirements

Complete the relevant forms, trade member application form and documents with duly certifies certificates and academic transcripts. Working experience from present employer must be under the employer’s letterhead. Upon approval, a reference number will be allotted.

Application for exemptions under Option B or challenge status under Option C must be at least one month before the registration for any examination and must be submitted individually. Failure to comply will result in your application not being processed in time for your next examination.

Re-certified every two years

Once enrolled, an Associate or Certified Member is expected to maintain his technical competence and fulfill the profession’s ethical obligations by completing a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education (CE) respectively, every two years. This is to ensure the members are current with developments in the financial planning profession in order to better serve their clients.

CE points can be accumulated through approved financial planning seminars, International Financial Planning Annual Conferences organized by FPAM and subscription of certain approved magazines.

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