CFP Fees (Blended Learning & Online Learning)

CFP Programme Fee

CFP ModuleStandard PackageCorporate Package*FIMM Package**Seniors & Youth***Challenge Status****
w.e.f June 1, 2018, all course fees stated here are GST Zero rated. Fees shown here are already adjusted with 0% GST.
Module 1
Foundation in Financial Planning
Module 2
Insurance Planning & Estate Planning
Module 3
Investment Planning & Retirement Planning
Module 4
Financial Plan Construction & Professional Responsibilities
Taxation WorkshopOptionalOptionalRM1100OptionalOptional
KMDC Application Fee
(applies to new student only)

Please note: 

1. CFP Fees stated above are inclusive of zero-rated GST (i.e. 0% GST, with effect from June 1, 2018) but EXCLUDING  CFP Examination Fee and FPAM Membership Fee which are payable to FPAM – Financial Planning Association of Malaysia,  and course fee of optional modules or optional workshop.

2. Only pay for the module(s) that you have enrolled for the coming semester, not the full 4-module course.

3. Blended Learning (face-to-face workshop plus online support) and Online Learning students pay the same fee. Online learning students can apply to come for face-to-face workshop without extra charges.

*Corporate Package: for those attached to any financial institution (e.g. banks, unit trusts, insurance, financial planning, estate planning and financial service company), including full time and part time staff.

**FIMM Package: members of FIMM who passed CUTE examination are eligible for  Module 1 exemption but must attend CFP Tax Workshop and purchase the subject manual. 

***Seniors & Youth Package: for youth aged 23 and below, and seniors 51 and above, Malaysians only. Not eligible for any other promotions or discount.

****Challenge Status Package: for those obtained FPAM’s approval and are exempted from Module 1 – Module 3. They will enrol for Module 4 only. (Check HERE to see if you are eligible for Challenge Status) Pay Standard tuition fee RM1900 for Module 4 and application fee RM300, and are not eligible to Corporate Rate, Seniors & Youth Package or any other promotions or discount.

Challenge Status application:– Challenge Status Application Fee RM450 payable to FPAM. Download CFP Challenge Status Fee Schedule Here

CFP Optional Module & Workshop
Standard Fee & Challenge Status
Corporate Package
(Staff attached to Financial Institution)
Seniors & Youth
(Aged 23 & below and 51+)
6-Day Taxation Planning and GST Workshop
Module: 5-Day Taxation Planning
1-Day GST Workshop
Module 4:- 7-Day Exam Boot Camp (Paper A & Paper B)
Module 4:- 4-Day Exam Boot Camp (Paper A only)
Module 4:- 3-Day Exam Boot Camp (Paper B Only)
6-Day Investment Planning Workshop
5-Day Insurance Planning Workshop
5-Day Retirement and Estate Planning Workshop
3-Day Estate Planning Workshop
2-Day Retirement Planning Workshop

Challenge Status: those who obtained approval from FPAM and are exempted from Module 1 to 3, kindly take note:
1. Challenge Status Basic Package covers 9-Day Module 4 course only: Tuition Fee RM1900 + KMDC Application Fee RM300 = RM2200. 
2. 7-Day Module 4 Exam Boot Camp (optional): highly recommended for Challenge Status students. This is an add-on, at RM1600 for the 7-day exam preparation course.
3. Sit-in Option: Challenge Status students may choose to Sit-in for any other CFP modules (Module 1-3) and Taxation workshop, AND eligible for discount/promotion or Senior & Youth Package.
4. Promotions & Discounts: Challenge Status students are NOT eligible to any other packages or promotions or discounts on Module 4 and Module 4 Exam Boot Camp.
5. Challenge Status Fee payable to FPAM: Challenge status fee of RM450 includes Challenge Status application fee and FPAM manuals for M1 to M3. FPAM Trade member fee is waived for 1 year only.

Download CFP Challenge Status Fee Schedule Here

Do you want to know if you are eligible for Challenge Status? Check HERE

FPAM CFP Examination Fee: RM300 per sitting

Charter Members: RM200 per examination sitting

Corporate Members: RM250 per examination sitting

FPAM CFP Examination Fees are payable to FPAM.

For those who are attached to Charter member of FPAM, pay only RM200 per exam sitting; and those attached to the Corporate member of FPAM, pay only RM250. Otherwise, pay RM300 per exam sitting.

To check information on FPAM Charter and Corporate membership – click the links here: FPAM Charter Member and FPAM Corporate Member.

FPAM Trade Membership (Module 1): RM50 per annum;

FPAM Associate membership (Module 2 – Module 4): RM150 per annum.

You need to be a member of FPAM to be eligible to sit for FPAM CFP examination.

Option 1: RM400 (for 8 days of classes and lecture notes only, course manual not included); ADD RM50 if desire to join 1-Day mock exam and revision seminar
Option 2: RM 150 (for 1 day exam revision seminar only) or RM300 (for 2-day exam revision seminar – Module 4 only)

1. Fee changes every year. Any deferment or advance payment will be required to top up the differences in course fee. Advance payment that is not utilized within 3 academic years or 6 semesters will be forceited. KMDC reserves the rights to reject any application.

2. Refund Policy: All fees paid are NOT refundable unless the course does not commence or the candidate’s application is rejected by KMDC. Once the course commenced, the course fee is considered fully consumed. Withdrawals: All withdrawals must be in writing at least 5 working days prior to the commencement date for full refund, administrative charge of RM212 will apply. Once the course has commenced, if candidate wishes to withdraw, he/she must write in within 10 working days from the commencement date of the course, only 50% of course fee will be refunded less administrative charge of RM212. Strictly no refund for ‘No Show’ or withdrawal after 10 working days from the commencement date.

3. GST & Installment: GST: All fees included Zero-rated GST with effect from June 1, 2018. Installment: 2 monthly installments allowed with RM20 administrative fee imposed.

4. Corporate Package: for all who attached to any financial institutions (e.g. banks, unit trusts, insurance, finance companies).

5. Early Bird Promotion: only for those enolled under Standard/Corporate Package and settled full payment at least 14 days before the commence date.

6. Youth & Seniors Package: Special Package: Special discounted rate for Malaysian youth aged 18-23 and seniors aged 51 and above with no further discounts or promotions.

7. EPF Withdrawals: All EPF withdrawals are not eligible for Early Bird promotion except for those who pay first and file in request for EPF withdrawal later.

8. Challenge Status: Challenge Status students are to enroll under Standard Package only For Module 4 and Module 4 Exam Boot Camp and not entitled to any other discount such as Early Bird Promotion. Other modules & optional workshops: eligible for discount/promotion or Senior & Youth Package.

9. Optional Modules/Workshops: no Early Bird discount.

CFP Course Fee is eligible for EPF Withdrawal and HRDF Claim

There are 2 ways to get some funding to finance your study.

  1. EPF WithDrawal:-  if you are a EPF (Employee Provident Fund) member, then as long as you have sufficient fund in your EPF Account 2,  you will be eligible to make a request to withdraw your EPF money for the CFP course fee. Terms and Conditions apply.  (Click HERE for information about EPF Withdrawal)
  2. HRDF – if you employer contributes to HRDF – Human Resource Development Fund, you may request your company to sponsor your CFP study by claiming HRDF. (Click HERE for information about HRDF Claim)

1. Download Application Form and check the CFP Timetable.
2. Choose your module(s) and state the class code on the application form.
3. You do not have to come to our business office to enrol, just Email ( or Fax (03-5565 0797) the completed Application Form to KMDC
4. Payment:
a. Credit Card: authorise KMDC to charge your card on the Page 2 of the Application Form; or
b. Deposit cheque or cash into KMDC’s RHB Bank account
Name: KDU Management Development Centre Sdn. Bhd.
Account No.: 212 349 000 543 53
Bank: RHB Bank Bhd.
Once payment is made, simply write your name onto the bank-in slip, then fax or email this slip together with KMDC Application Form to KMDC. (Fax number: +603 5565 0797. Email address:

Semester 1: January – June (All Modules)
Semester 2: July – December (All Modules)

Check KMDC CFP Timetable HERE

Examination: 2 sittings a year: June and December for all modules.
Special Examination sittings for Module 1:
a) Late March/early April,
b) Late September/early October
(Click HERE for CFP Exam Information)

No. of modules required : 4 modules
No. of hours per module : 60 contact hours.

[u_heading css_animation=”right-to-left”]What are included in KMDC CFP Package?[/u_heading]
  1. For each module, instructor-led 8-9 full day workshops, including mock examination and revision seminar for those enrolled in CFP Blended Learning Mode. For students taking Online Learning CFP course, live streaming lecture video and recorded lecture vide0 are available via e-learning portal.
  2. Course materials included: soft copy of course manual (KMDC version), lecture/revision notes, Online Quizzes (sample exam questions with answers).
  3. FPAM version of course manuals (hard copy) are available for purchase at extra cost.
  4. Training workshops for learning members on Time Value of Money and Financial calculators (complimentary for CFP Module 1 students only), and invitation to seminars/workshop on wealth management, financial planning and various interesting topics @KDU Glenmarie Campus.
  5. Repeats/re-sits available at RM50 per day (as stated above) for Shah Alam public sessions only. All are subject to seat availability.
  6. KMDC Learning Resource: online support & online materials via KMDC e-learning portal.

Fees stated here carry zero-rated GST. GST Registration Number: 001353097216

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