KMDC CFP – Forms & Documents Download Site

KMDC CFP Forms & Documents Download Site – there are two sections:

Section A: KMDC CFP Forms and Documents, including CFP Application Form, Timetable, Fees, Promotion, CFP Brochure, Syllabus, Location Map and etc.

Section B: FPAM CFP Forms and Documents, including Examination Handbook & Registration Form, Membership Form, Exemption Form and etc.


Find Out More: Professional Certification Courses that We Offer

If you’re looking to pursue a career that your undergraduate degree hasn’t prepared you for, do consider our offerings here:  globally recognised and transferable Professional Certification courses which are offered in both Blended Learning Mode (Face-to-Face workshop + Online Support) and Online Learning Mode (except FRM):

  1. Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  2. Certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM)
  3. Certified Digital Marketing Professional (Digital Marketing Certification Course)
  4. Certified Digital Sales Professional (Digital & Social Selling Certification Course)
  5. Certified Digital Marketing Specialist – Social (Social Media Marketing Certification Course)
  6. Certified Digital Marketing Specialist – Search (Search Marketing Certification Course)
  7. Certified Digital Marketing Specialist – Strategy & Planning (Digital Strategy & Planning Certification Course)

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