CFP Course Outline

CFP Module 1 - Module 4 + Taxation Module Course

CFP Module 1 Foundation in Financial Planning

CFP course provides a comprehensive examination of the entire financial planning process, along with an overview of the specific areas of personal income tax planning, risk management and insurance, investment planning, retirement planning, and estate planning.

Topic 1 :            The Financial Planning Industry in Malaysia
Topic 2 :            The Economic Environment and its Effects on Financial Planning
Topic 3 :            Risk Management and Insurance Planning
Topic 4 :            Investment Planning
Topic 5 :            Income Tax Planning
Topic 6 :            Retirement Planning/Estate Planning
Topic 7 :            The Basics of A Financial Plan
Topic 8 :            Code of Ethics

CFP Module 2 Insurance Planning & Estate Planning


This CFP module covers various aspects of fundamental concepts in risk management And insurance, including how insurance rates are developed, what types of contracts are available, how to read insurance proposals, and how life insurance is used in financial planning. Other topics include health insurance plan and legal aspects of insurance.

Topic 1 :            Fundamental Concepts in Risk Management
Topic 2 :            Insurance Fundamentals
Topic 3 :            Legal Principles in Insurance
Topic 4 :            The Role of Insurance in Financial Planning
Topic 5 :            Factors Affecting Life Insurance Needs
Topic 6 :       
     Understanding Life Insurance Policy Contracts
Topic 7 :            General Insurance Policy Contracts
Topic 8 :            Health Insurance
Topic 9 :            Annuity Policy Contracts
Topic 10 :          Legislation and Rules in the Insurance Industry
Topic 11 :          Consumer Protection and Life Insurance Industry Codes of Practice


Topic 12 :            Estate Planning Fundamentals
Topic 13 :            Wills and Will Planning
Topic 14 :            Trusts
Topic 15 :            Powers of Attorney
Topic 16 :            Duties and Powers of the Personal Representative
Topic 17 :            Special Estate Planning Issues for Business Owners

CFP Module 3  Investment Planning & Retirement Planning


To understand the concepts of risk and return, the financial markets and the various financial instruments available, financial mathematics and statistics, the analysis of financial statement, the basic concepts and tools of asset valuation, asset pricing models and portfolio management. The aim is for candidates to gain the knowledge to evaluate alternative investments, the advantages and disadvantages, and to make suitable investment recommendations to clients.

Topic 1 :           Investment Concepts 
Topic 2 :    
      Concepts of Portfolio Theory and Performance Measures
Topic 3 :            Equity Market
Topic 4 :            Investment in Debt Securities
Topic 5 :            Derivatives and Structured Products
Topic 6 :            Collective Investment Scheme and Unit Trusts
Topic 7 :            Real Estate Investment
Topic 8 :            Investment for Retirement


Topic 9 :          The Underlying Principles of Retirement Planning
Topic 10 :            Retirement Schemes
Topic 11 :            The Employee Provident Fund (EPF) and Private Retirement Scheme (PRS)
Topic 12 :            Retirement Income Streams
Topic 13 :   
         Role of Financial Planner in Pre-Retirement Counseling

CFP Module 4  Financial Plan Construction and Professional Responsibilities

This course is for students who have completed Module 1 to 5 or preparing to attempt the CFP Challenge Status. The course introduces methods of gathering client data and teaches students how to work with clients to set goals. Students learn how to process and analyze information, construct personal financial statements, and understand a written comprehensive financial plan, including implementing, monitoring, and reviewing the plan.

Topic 1 :            Financial Planning and The Regulatory Environment
Topic 2 :            Financial Planning Process
Topic 2a :   Establishing Client-Financial Planning Professional Relationships
Topic 2b :            Gathering Client Data and Determine Goals and Expectations
Topic 2c :            Determining the Client’s Financial Status and Evaluating the Client’s Information
Topic 2d :            Analyse Client Objectives, Needs and Financial Situation
Topic 2e :            Developing and Presenting the Financial Plan
Topic 2f :            Implementing the Financial Plan
Topic 2g :            Monitoring the Financial Plan

CFP Optional Module  Tax Planning

Tax planning is a critical component of financial planning. Tax planning is a necessary component in achieving almost all objectives of a client. Whether it is educaiton, retirement or estate planning, tax provisions have an imppact on these major components of financial planning. Even general wealth accumulation goals will be better served with an understanding of the national tax code. Tax planning begins with understanding the tax laws, how the tax is computed and the variuos tax administrative procedures. It is however, a vast subject and at the CFP level we explore the basic principles which is enough to allow the student to exppand on this knowledge thorughout his or her career. The ultimate goal is for the CFP qualified financial planner to talk intelligently on the subject with the client and to coordinate any effort in introducing salient tax planning ideas to help the client achieve as many goals as possible.

Topic 1 :            Introduction to Malaysian Taxation
Topic 2 :            Computation of Statutory Income from Employment
Topic 3 :            Computation of Statutory Income from Business
Topic 4 :            Computation of Statutory Income from Investments
Topic 5 :            Computation of Chargeable Income and Tax Payable
Topic 6 :            Tax atment of Various Tax Entities
Topic 7 :            Tax Administrstion and Tax Audits
Topic 8 :            Tax Planning in Financial Planning
Topic 9 :            The Employees Provident Fund and Retirement Planning
Topic 10 :           Taxation Aspects of Business Succession Planning
Topic 11 :            Real Property Gains Tax

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