CFP Online Course (Module 1-4 & Taxation)

CFP Online Course (Module 1-4 & Taxation)


CFP Online Course is available NOW. Start your study anytime, anywhere. 


For CFP Online Course (Module 1-4 & Taxation), there is no closing date for course enrolment. Just make sure you have prepared well before the examination. And yes! You can enrol anytime.  So, enrol NOW!


Entry Requirement:

For those seeking to be a fully certified financial planner, entry requirement is a Bachelor degree (any discipline)


If without a degree but have at least 5 years of relevant work experience, can opt for PLRA – Prior Learning Recognition Assessment (download form HERE). Once passed, you will eligible to join the CFP programme. Candidates are only allowed to register for the PLRA assessment 2 times and there must be a break of 6 months between the attempts.


Just for Knowledge:- Those who just want to gain knowledge on personal finance but have no intention to become a CFP, minimum entry requirement – SPM, high school or equivalent.


CFP is a 4-module course with optional Taxation Planning Workshop, and can be completed in 1.5-2 years.


What is Included in CFP Online Course: 

  • Live Streaming lectures or pre-recorded lecture videos,
  • Online Support – e-learning portal with course notes, reference materials, online discussion, online quizzes with over one thousand mock exam questions with answers.
  • Classroom Support – you are welcome to attend our face-to-face workshop at our venues without extra charges.


CFP Online Course – Module 1: Foundation in Financial Planning

This is the first module of the 4-Module CFP Certification Programme. The CFP Module 1 online course will provide you a basic understanding of the financial planning industry, financial planning process, investment planning, insurance planning, taxation planning, retirement and estate planning.


CFP Online Course – Module 2: Insurance & Estate Planning

The CFP Module 2 online course is divided into 2 parts: Part I covers insurance planning topics while Part 2 addresses topics related to Estate Planning.

Prerequisite: CFP Module 1 (unless exempted)


CFP Online Course – Module 3: Investment & Retirement Planning

The CFP Module 3 online course has two parts: Part I will covers topics related to Investment Planning, while Part II  will cover Retirement Planning.

Prerequisite: CFP Module 1 (unless exempted)


CFP Online Course – Taxation Planning Workshop

CFP Taxation Planning workshop – this is an optional module for CFP students who are pursuing full 4-module programme from 2015. However, it is a compulsory subject for CFP who enrolled under pre 2015 old course structure, and it is a mandatory subject for FIMM members who are granted Module 1 exemption.

Though it is option for some, it is still strongly recommended that you should take up this Taxation Planning as tax planning is one of the crucial parts of personal financial planning.

This workshop should be taken before CFP Module 4. There is no examination for this workshop since 2015.

Prerequisite: CFP Module 1 (unless exempted)


CFP Online Course – Module 4: Financial Plan Construction & Professional Responsibilities

CFP Module 4 online course is the capstone module of the 4-Module CFP Certification Programme was previously known as CFP Module 6 before course restructuring exercise in 2015 – CFP was a 6-module programme then.

Prerequisite: Module 1 – 3, Taxation (unless exempted).

For information about CFP modular exemption or CFP Challenge Status, click HERE.


CFP Examination

Examination:  3-hour 75 Multiple Choice Questions (Module 1-3 & Module 4 Paper 1). For Module 4 Paper 2, 3-hour essay questions on financial plan construction.

Examination Sittings: July & December

Special Module 1 Examination Sittings: March & September

Examination Locations: KL, Penang, Johor Baru, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu

Download CFP Examination information and forms (e.g. CFP Examination Handbook, CFP Examination Registration Form & etc), click HERE.

Past Year Examination ResultsClick HERE for the past years Exam Results.


CFP Online Course Fee

 RM2014 (Standard), RM1908 (Corporate Rate), RM1855 (FIMM Package), RM1696 (Youth 23 & below and Seniors above 51+, Malaysians only) – Click here for details

Course fee of CFP Online Course and CFP Face-to-Face Workshop (Blend Learning Mode) are the same, not cheaper. However, Online Learning students can also opt for attending face-to-face workshop without extra charge.  You will enjoy early bird promotion or discount on course fee if you are a FIMM member or senior citizen aged 51+ or youth 23 & below. 

(Please note: 6% SST is included in the course fee since March 1, 2019)


Commencement Date: Start your study anytime

You decide when you want to commence your CFP online study. You can join the CFP online course anytime. Please note that there are two examination sittings per year, July and December. Just be well prepared before the examination.


How to Enrol:

+ Download CFP Application Form HERE.

Download KMDC CFP  2019 Semester 2 Timetable (July to December) HERE

Download 2019 CFP Fee Schedule HERE

+ Download FPAM Trade Member Application Form HERE(for CFP Module 1 applicants only)

+ Download FPAM Associate Member Application Form HERE (for CFP Modules 2 – 4 applicants only)

For payment, just authorise KMDC to charge your credit card or do an online transfer. Send the application form and transfer slip via email to KMDC:, or Fax: 03 5565 0797.


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