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CFP Entry Requirements - New Changes

If without a degree but have at least 5 years of relevant work experience, can opt for sitting for PLRA – Prior Learning Recognition Assessment. Once passed, you will eligible to join the CFP programme. Candidates are only allowed to register for the PLRA assessment 2 times and there must be a break of 6 months between the attempts.


 + Download PLRA – Prior Learning Recognition Assessment Application Form HERE

FPAM has introduced a pilot project from May 2018 to allow undergraduates to enrol  in the CFP certification.  This is open to students majoring in finance, banking, investment, accounting or related subjects. Proof of enrolment in a related Bachelor’s program is required. Students would be required to enrol in Module 1 and proceed to other modules as per other exam based students. No exemptions will be granted.

After passing Module 4, students will remain as an Associate member until attainment of the 3 years of relevant work experience. Proof of Bachelor degree is required to upgrade to Certified membership. Students are required to upgrade to Certified membership within 4 years of completing Module 4 or their Bachelor degree, whichever is later. After the specified time, FPAM has the right to require the students to re-sit the examinations if necessary.


+Download FPAM Trade Member Registration Form for University & College Students)

RFP holders who passed all 7 modules are eligible for CFP Module 1 and Module 2 Exemption, provided all must have a Bachelor’s degree with the exception of those with many years of vast and relevant work experience who have gotten special consideration and are granted exemption by FPAM; and all must attend CFP Tax workshop.


Download FPAM CFP Modular Exemption Application Form HERE

Unit Trust and Private Retirement Scheme Consultants (collectively known as “Consultants”) that are actively registered with Federation of Investment Managers (FIMM):-
a) The Consultant must pass Computerised Unit Trust Examination (CUTE) or Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) Examination;
b) The Consultant must have a degree OR a diploma with minimum 5 years of relevant work experience;
c) The Consultant must attend CFP Tax Workshop and purchase the subject manual;
d) The Consultants who are exempted from CUTE or PRS examination are not eligible for the CFP Module 1 exemption and they must have a Bachelor degree in order to gain entry to CFP programme.


Download FPAM CFP Modular Exemption Application Form HERE


Promotion & CFP Course Fees - Getting More and More Affordable

Next intake will start soon. So, hurry up, enrol NOW & enjoy Early Bird discount till July 31, 2019!

Download KMDC CFP Application Form HERE

Download KMDC CFP  2019 Semester 2 Timetable (July to December) HERE

Download 2019 CFP Fee Schedule HERE

While the price of goods and services increases every year in the past 16 years, CFP Standard fee in Malaysia has maintained the same.

CFP total standard fees (inclusive of course fee and examination fee) in year 2003 was RM8800. Today, after 16 years, you still pay RM8800, that is, RM7600 course fee (RM1900 per module x 4 modules) plus exam fee RM1200 (RM300 per sitting x 4 modules). Of course, now you will need to add 6% SST to the course fee of RM7600 + 6%SST = RM8056, plus Exam Fee RM1200 (with 0% SST)  that makes it to RM9256.

That means – CFP is getting more and more affordable each year! We have even added more values to our course offerings – we now have e-learning support with video lectures, over 1000+ mock exam questions with answers for each module, 280 contact hours in total instead of 240 hours required.

RM8800 is the standard fee excluding 6% SST which is imposed from March 1, 2019. Through Early Bird Promotion and other packages at a discounted price, you save even more.

Below is the table of Comparison of CFP Fees from 2003 -2019:-

CFP Fees Comparison 2003-2019

Question: Is there any financial aids available for studying CFP? 

 There are 3 possible ways to get some funding to finance your study.

  1. EPF WithDrawal:-  if you are a EPF (Employee Provident Fund) member, then as long as you have sufficient fund in your EPF Account 2,  you will be eligible to make a request to withdraw your EPF money for the CFP course fee. Terms and Conditions apply.  (Click HERE for information about EPF Withdrawal)
  2. HRDF – if you employer contributes to HRDF – Human Resource Development Fund, you may request your company to sponsor your CFP study by claiming HRDF. (Click HERE for information about HRDF Claim)
  3. FPAM Sponsorship Programme: click HERE to download the application procedures.

Latest CFP Award Winners

Congratulations to the FPAM CFP Awards 2017 winners! The Award Presentation Ceremony was held on June 23, 2018 at Sime Darby Convention Centre.

Excellence Awards – July 2017
Module 3: Ng Yeunn Ject, IFPA

Merit Awards – July 2017
Module 2: Chaw Ooi Leen, Sharon, IFPA
Module 4: Glorie Low Jhu Mae, KMDC

Excellence Awards – December 2017
Module 2: Tee Pong Hua, KMDC
Module 3: Ang Chiew Yee, KMDC

Merit Awards – December 2017
Module 1: Chai Man Yean, TARUC KL
Module 4: Ng Yeunn Ject, Max Wealth

CFP Awards 2017CFP Awards 2017CFP Awards 2017CFP Award Winner_Module 1CFP Awards 2017CFP Awards 2017


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