CFP Enrolment – How to Apply and Enrol for CFP Programme

Certified financial planner certification education program, cfp, CFP Enrolment - How to Apply and Enrol for CFP Programme

CFP Enrolment – How to Apply and Enrol for CFP Programme & CFP Examination


Enrol for CFP Courses (for first timer)

Step by Step Guide for CFP Enrolment – How to Apply and Enrol for CFP Programme

Step 1:

Download documents from this site:


You may also want to check the CFP Timetable and Fees:

Download KMDC CFP  2019 Semester 1 Timetable (March to June) HERE

Download KMDC CFP  2019 Semester 2 Timetable (July to December) HERE

Download 2019 CFP Fee Schedule HERE


Step 2:

Registration & Payment 
Make a visit to KMDC Business Office or just email ( or fax (03-5565 0797) the application forms and required documents to KMDC.

Documents to submit: KMDC CFP Application Form, FPAM Trade Member Application Form, business card or employer’s letter, passport size photo (soft copy accepted),  copy of MyKad and academic documents (must be verified by KMDC staff or Commissioner for Oaths or a MIA member).

Payment can be made in cash, cheque, credit card, or through online banking or deposit cash/cheque to KMDC’s RHB Bank account: 

Name: KDU Management Development Centre Sdn. Bhd.
Account No.: 212 349 000 543 53
Bank: RHB Bank Bhd

Once  online payment is made, submit payment slip together with forms and other required documents to KMDC. For credit card payment, just fill in your credit card number and expiry date with signature on the second page of application form.


Please take note: 

1. Early Bird Promotion, payment has to be settled on or before the last day of the promotion period.

2. EPF withdrawal: if you wish to withdraw EPF money to pay for your course fee, please apply for EPF withdrawal at least one month before the commencement date.


Re-Admission (For returning learning members only)

Download this form: KMDC CFP Application Form & check our latest CFP Timetable.
Similar process as above: complete and send or email: or fax (03-5565 0797) the KMDC Application Form to KMDC.


CFP Examination Registration

Registration for CFP examination can be done at a later stage, i.e. after you have commenced the CFP course but before the examination registration deadline. CFP Examination Fee is payable to FPAM.

CFP Examination Sitting: 2 examination sittings per year (June & December). For CFP Module 1,  depending on enrolment numbers, there may be special examination sitting scheduled in March and September.
Closing Date: Late April (for June examination) and late October (for December examination)
Closing date for exemption application (Option 2 & 3) – Mid March & Mid September
CFP Examination fee payable to FPAM: RM300.00 per sitting, or, RM200 per sitting (employees of FPAM’s Charter Members), OR, RM250 (employees of FPAM’s Corporate members).

Payment: just authorise FPAM to charge your credit card or do cash or cheque payment to Financial Planning Association of Malaysia.


Download examination form from below and submit to FPAM or via KMDC:


Application for Modular Exemption – Click HERE

Application for Challenge Status – Click HERE


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