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Benefits of becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP) Practitioner

By completing globally recognised CFP certification requirements, a CFP – CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional demonstrates to clients and potential clients a commitment to professionalism and that he or she has met rigorous competency, ethics and professional practice standards to provide comprehensive financial planning services. The benefits of becoming a CFP – CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER including:

  • Acquire knowledge and develop expertise in retirement, insurance, investment, tax and estate planning.
  • Be associated with the most internationally recognized and accepted designation in financial planning.
  • Earn your credibility and respect from the public and distinguish yourself from your competitors.
  • Increase your business earning potential and add to your career growth and professional fulfillment.

CFP – CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals rate compliance with relevant laws and regulations, adherence to an ethical code and acting in the best interest of clients as most important when providing financial planning advice to clients.

Your clients will have more confidence in you as they rely on the CFP – CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER marks to help them identify competent, ethical financial planners who have committed to placing their clients’ interests first.

Your employer will value you more as Financial services firms value CFP – CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals for their contributions to productivity and profitability, as well as for lowering firms’ compliance risks and increasing client satisfaction.

REGULATOR     Last but not least,  the CFP – Certified Financial Planner in Malaysia is also well prepared for the future should a fee-based environment become imminent due to regulatory changes and consumer awareness.


25 Reasons Why You Should Choose KMDC as Your CFP Education Provider

1. Good reputation – professional education provider offering Good and Honest high quality education with over 30 years of experience.
2. Best Performer in CFP Examination: KMDC CFP examination results and a long list of FPAM CFP Award winners proved that we are the best education provider in Malaysia.
3. About 64- 72 hours of interaction with facilitators and classmates for each module. 64-72 hours of classroom-based workshop, and optional financial planning & wealth management seminars plus training workshops.
4. Facilitated by a strong team of highly qualified industry practitioners, all with relevant academic qualification, professional experience and with good teaching skills.
5. CFP study materials including our very own examination preparation materials are comprehensive and well written by experienced and qualified CFP facilitators and industry practitioners.
6. Mock Examination and Revision seminars – aiming to help our learning members with their study and excel in examination.
7. Sample Examination papers  – uploaded to our e-learning portal as interactive quizzes (about 600-1000 questions per module) are provided.
8. KMDC provides free extra training sessions and financial planning talks/seminars, which are relevant to your studies; including Financial Calculators and Time Value of Money, career counselling workshop and etc.
9. Repeats and re-sit options: – having the opportunity to do refresher course at a small fee  (terms and conditions apply)
10. Flexibility and More Choices: KMDC CFP timetable is specially tailored and designed for busy professionals.
11. KMDC developed our very own CFP Examination Survival Guide for all modules. Each Examination Survival Guide consists of 300 to 680 multiple choice questions with answers, and many come with work-out solutions and or explanations. For Module 4, besides MCQs, Case studies with suggested solutions are provided.
12. Learning members get extra academic and administrative support from facilitators and KMDC staff. Friendly and professionally trained staff providing high touch services.
13. KMDC e-learning resources: KMDC provides additional e-learning support via our own e-learning portal and online forum.
14. Resource Centre: free access to KDU Resource Centre (no borrowing rights, terms and conditions apply).
15. Friend2Friend Schemea special privilege enjoyed by KMDC CFP students and alumni – for each friend introduced who signed up KMDC CFP course (must be new student) , KMDC learning member is entitled to RM100 tuition fee rebate voucher (terms and conditions apply).
16. Early Bird Promotion: for those who sign up early during the promotion period, they are entitled to discounts and offers.
17. Special Packages: Corporate Package for all those attached to financial institutions; Special Package is designed to offer the lowest rate for full time college students/youth aged 23 & below and senior citizens above 51.
18. EPF and HRDF Claims: KMDC provides administrative assistance to our learning community in making these claims.
19. Convenient operating hours: our business office at KDU Utropolis Campus, Shah Alam, open 9:00am-6:00pm (Monday – Friday); and on weekends (Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 am to 2:00pm or 5:00pm) whenever  CFP classes are on, our staff will be there to serve you.
20. Wireless broadband Internet Access in our campuses.
21. KMDC serves as an ideal place for NETWORKING, as our learning members are senior executives and working professionals.
22. Invitation to talks, seminars and workshops: either complimentary or at discounted rate.
23. CFP Facebook Page (, Facebook Group and Google Group for Alumni, e-newsletter and or emails to keep our learning community well informed of the latest development in the financial planning industry and CFP certification course.
24. Discounts on other courses: entitled to special discount on registration for the next course (must be a different course).
 25. Last but not least, CFP course is also offered as Online Learning Programme. Thus you can study anytime, anywhere.


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