Certified Digital Sales Professional

Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Selling

Learn how to make more sales faster and easier using social selling techniques. Enrol in this Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Selling programme and be a globally recognised Certified Digital Sales Professional.

 Increase sales performance by up to 400% by adopting digital and social selling tools.

This Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Selling course is ideal for inside or outside sales people, consultants and sales representatives of all levels, business development executives and managers, account managers, relationship managers and those leading sales teams, or anyone looking to develop their digital sales capabilities.

Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Selling

Certified Digital & Social Sales Professional, Certified Digital Marketing Sales Professional

Certified Digital Sales Professional 

As traditional selling methods are no longer enough to sustain success, digital tools and techniques have become an essential component of any modern sales professional’s arsenal.

To adapt to this change in the sales environment along with progressing an individual’s current and future careers, the Digital Marketing Institute has designed a professional digital and social selling certification that can make a difference.

Aligned with industry and designed by experts, this program provides a globally recognized certification that can benefit any modern seller. Covered within this program are the core essentials of digital and social selling including Digital Sales Messaging, Integration & Strategy, Social Content, Social Account Management, Digital Sales Leadership and much more.

Certified Digital Sales Professional

Blended Learning Mode: 6-Day Instructor-led Workshop + Online Support with 30-hr Video Lecture

Why should I earn this certification? 

Future proof your career and gain the latest and most up-to-date digital and social selling skills needed to flourish in the digital economy of today. Designed by experts, the Digital Marketing Institute collaborates with industry experts to define a digital and social selling program informed by essential innovative techniques and best practices. The certification focuses on the tools and skills you need to sell efficiently, surpass quotas and attain selling success.

The certification is recommended for Salespeople, Consultants, Business Development Executives and Managers of all levels. Similarly it is suited to anyone to anyone leading sales teams or looking to develop their digital sales capabilities and consolidate their practical application of digital tools and social selling techniques.

What will I achieve? 

Upon successful completion of a 3-hour Pearson VUE computer-based examination, you will be awarded a globally recognised professional certification in digital and social selling.

Certified professionals are able to acquire more qualified sales prospects, reduce lead times, nurture leads more effectively and achieve a more balanced pipeline. You will realize the importance of building solid relationships online, ensuring client satisfaction and repeat business. Also, you will understand the importance of and how to lead the implementation of a digital sales strategy in your organisation.



Blended Learning Mode & Online Learning Mode

This Digital Sales and Social Selling Programme is offered in Blended Learning Mode and Online Learning Mode. Blended Learning is the instructor-led 6-day workshop plus 30-hour video lecture and online support. Online Learning is offered at a slightly cheaper course fee but minus 6-day face-to-face workshop, the rest is the same as Blended Learning.


There are ten modules in this program: 

Certified Digital Sales Professional

Online Learning Mode: 30-hr Video Lecture + Online Support

  1. Introduction to Digital & Social Selling
  2. Digital Research
  3. Sales Enablement
  4. CRM
  5. Social Content
  6. Digital Sales Messaging
  7. Engagement
  8. Social Account Management
  9. Digital Sales Leadership
  10. Integration & Strategy



Module Descriptions: 

Introduction to Digital & Social Selling 

The Introduction to Digital & Social Selling module will help you to understand the fundamentals of digital and social selling by exploring how it has transformed traditional sales processes. You will learn about new tools and techniques employed in sales, and how you can use them to transform yourself into a modern digital sales professional with them.

Digital Research 

This module will equip you with the research tools and techniques required to develop a well-informed digital and social selling strategy for your product. Through social intelligence and social listening you will understand how to monitor and read digital behaviour to later personalize engagement with prospects.

Sales Enablement 

The Sales Enablement module teaches you about the advanced features and functionality of a variety of social media platforms which can be used to enable your digital and social selling processes. You will discover how digital tools and social media platforms can facilitate relevant sales messages and content, making it easier to later offer the client the solution they need, when they need it.


The Client Relationship Management module will help you to design and create business development campaigns, apply best practice methodologies to your sales cycles and most importantly, evaluate CRM data to then inform your engagement strategy.

Social Content 

This module will help you understand how to employ a number of tools designed to help the entire content creation process. You will know how to decipher what type of content is needed for different customer types and how to establish the appropriate tone, style and method of distribution for such.

Digital Sales Messaging 

The Digital Sales Messaging module will help you understand how to strategically formulate communications to ensure all contact with prospects is relevant, personalized and aligned with personal or business objectives. You will know the importance of content segmentation and marrying B2B & B2C content types with appropriate social media platforms.


The Engagement module focuses on building relationships with leads in the most effective way over an entire customer life-cycle. Learn how to manage large prospect bases and discover engagement techniques to ensure you interact with prospects at the right time, with a message that matters to them.

Social Account Management 

Within this module you will learn to understand how social media has transformed the concept of customer service and poses both opportunities and challenges in interacting with prospects and customers. Upon studying this module, you will be able to establish key performance metrics that relate to the measurement of your social customer service and ensure you can devise a crisis management plan to deal with any conversations or interactions that may attract negative attention in a public forum.

Digital Sales Leadership 

The Digital Sales Leadership module focuses on empowering managers and aspiring leaders as they transition from traditional to digital sales strategies. By monitoring the social footprint of your team members and using social KPIs, you will be able to identify and measure if your team are adopting the correct digital and social selling behaviours, building the right networks and creating a professional and consistent brand.

Integration and Strategy 

Sales leaders and aspiring leaders will know how to research, construct and integrate an effective and optimized digital sales strategy within an organization. By the end of this module you will be able to measure the ROI of digital and social selling, align it to the overall goals of your organization and use it to gain further executive support.

Our Partner – Digital Marketing Institute (DMI)

The Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) is the global certification standard in digital education.
To date, over 20,000 people in over 80 countries have graduated with a DMI qualification.
The Digital Marketing Institute collaborates with global digital experts to define and develop the skills and qualifications required of today’s digital professionals.

Syllabus Validation

The Industry Advisory Council (IAC) representing the world’s largest and most influential digital brands, validates all Digital Marketing Institute course content. By providing expert review and recommendations on a regular basis, the Council ensures that graduates of the Digital Marketing Institute have learned the most up to date digital skills, core competencies and knowledge needed to thrive in their digital careers. The Council supports syllabus content by preserving its technical accuracy, clarity, continued relevance and provide expert recommendations.

Industry Advisory Council, representing the world’s largest and most influential digital brands, validates all Digital Marketing Institute course content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can apply for the Professional Diploma in Digital and Social Selling. A background in a related discipline is not required, though we recommend this specialist diploma course to sales professionals or individuals interested in pursuing a career in the industry. The aim of this Professional Diploma is to teach you everything you need to know about incorporating digital tools and practices into your selling strategy, so you can achieve your targets, increase your on target earning (OTE) and position yourself as a digital selling superstar!

This programme is aimed at a variety of sales professionals, from inbound and outbound consultants and reps, to business development executives, account managers and sales team leaders.

The Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification standard for digital marketing and selling.

We will provide you with a high-quality, transferable qualification that is developed and validated by the digital industry, and recognized and respected worldwide.

Yes. We offer both Blended Learning and Online Learning. Blended Learning is the 6-day Face-to-Face workshop plus 30-hour video lecture and online support. Online Learning is offered at a slightly cheaper fee but minus 6-day face-to-face workshop, the rest is the same as Blended Learning.

The Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Selling costs RM5,618 to study online or RM6,148 for a 6-day instructor-led workshop with online support, excluding examination fee USD$200.

The Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Selling is assessed by a computer-based exam, which is three hours long and composed of a number of interactive question types including Multiple Choice, True or False, and Hotspots. We administer the exam through Pearson VUE and its global network of test centers, so you can locate your nearest center and enjoy a consistent, regulated exam experience. The exam is split into three sections; candidates need to achieve a minimum of 60% in each section to pass the exam.

Your examination fee for first time sitting is USD$200 and it is not included in the course fee. The candidate pay examination fee directly to Pearson Vue when you book your online examination. The subsequent re-sits due to failed attempts will incur a fee of approximately USD$75 or local currency equivalent payable directly to the center when you book your examination.

The next intake will commence on September 30, 2017. Full day on Saturday, 6 times weekly from 9am to 5pm at KDU Glenmarie Campus, Shah Alam. There will be 48-hour instructor-led workshop plus 30-hour online video and e-learning support.

You may also opt for Study Online with 30-hour online video plus e-learning support, and commence anytime that is convenient for you.

The following 2017  & 2018 intakes are confirmed:

1st Intake (Saturday Class):  September 30, October 7, 14, 21, 28, November 4, 2017

2nd Intake (Sunday Class): November 12, 19, 26, December 3, 10, 17, 2017

3rd Intake (Saturday Class):  January 13, 20, 27, February 3, 10, March 3, 2018

4th Intake (Sunday Class): May 6, 13, 20, June 10, 24, July 1, 2018

5th Intake (Saturday Class): September 29, October 6, 13, 20, 27, November 3, 2018

Hey! Did you know that 81% of our Digital Marketing Institute(DMI)'s graduates have been promoted since completing their digital marketing course?

Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Selling, Certified Digital Sales ProfessionalSocial selling is undoubtedly the fastest growing tool in a successful salesperson’s arsenal. Clients of our Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Selling have seen increased performance, and increased earnings, among team members who complete the course.

In just 30 hours, you’ll be a certified social selling expert with insight into the key concepts of digital and social selling.

From integration and strategy, to social account management, through to digital sales leadership, you’ll possess the skills to become a social selling superstar.

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