Why You Need to Invest in Digital Marketing Skills

Why You Need to Invest in Digital Marketing Skills

The digital economy is expanding at an unstoppable pace, which has had a positive impact on job availability and career development within the industry.

According to Gartner, CEOs expect their digital revenue to increase by more than 80% by 2020. IDC expects that the percentage of enterprises creating advanced digital transformation initiatives will more than double by 2020, from today’s 22% to almost 50%.

On an increasingly regular basis, organizations are acknowledging the need to embrace digital tools and techniques. As a result, the demand for skilled digital professionals across every industry has also increased. Whether you’re an employee within an organization looking to progress your career, a manager, or a business owner, you and your co-workers need to be able to leverage your core skills to implement and oversee an efficient, effective digital strategy.

If you haven’t already considered investing in digital marketing skills training, we’ve outlined some key incentives that should inform your decision below:


4 Key Incentives – Why You Need to Invest in Digital Marketing Skills


1. You can develop your competitive advantage

At a global level, there is an overwhelming digital skills shortage that is making the recruitment of competent digital professionals very difficult. As organizations continue to recognize the need to embrace digital transformation, they find themselves in competition with each other to secure the most capable candidates. Companies are offering  the most lucrative salaries and benefits packages they can manage in order to secure these skilled digital professionals – as a result, there has never been a better time to enter the industry.

If you know how to effectively position yourself as the best choice for a role, or the best vendor for a potential client, there’s no doubt you will be able to make a lasting mark on the digital industry.

Strategic and durable skills training will enable both you as an individual and your organization to not only keep pace with the industry, but cultivate a precious competitive edge.

According to Adobe, companies with a plan for their digital maturity seek to train and advance the skills of their existing workforce, and hire the people they need to get the most from digital tools and technology. In addition, our 2016 Digital Skills Report found that over two thirds of marketers in the USA and UK feel they will need to improve their digital marketing skills to remain competent in their current role in the future.

Upskilling with essential skills training will not only help you to refine your digital expertise and forge a fulfilling career – it will enable you to make a meaningful impact in your role that will ultimately benefit your organization, as well as your personal and professional development.


Move budget from traditional marketing to digital marketing

2. You can acquire more customers

If you want to drive more sales in a digital era, you need to revolutionize your approach towards potential customers by implementing digital tools and techniques. Digital marketing can drive
more revenue and increase ROI for any organization in any industry.

As buyers use social media and search engines to self-educate and make autonomous purchase decisions, you need to be able to adopt these same channels in order to maximize your sales and marketing performance.

Digital marketing can facilitate a sharp increase in your conversion rate. This is because digital tools make it easier and quicker for you to nurture valuable relationships with potential buyers at every stage of the customer journey. With digital, you can foster trust, provide value, and establish yourself as an authoritative thought leader.

Establishing strong customer engagement is an essential component of any successful marketing strategy. Before you can convert your customers, you need to be able to convince them. Digital tools and channels have revolutionized the customer’s journey and strongly influenced how they make their decision to purchase.

If you enhance your digital capabilities through skills training, you will be able to execute a successful customer-centric strategy and drive more revenue in the process.


77% of buyers do not talk with a salesperson until after they have performed independent research.


3. You can maximize your budget

Digital skills are also a necessity if you want to maximize ROI foryour business. Direct mail, print advertising and TV are expensive and time-consuming tactics, and their influence on the consumer
continues to diminish, as magazine circulation figures plummet and millennials watch less traditional TV in favor of on demand video from platforms such as Netflix.

As traditional ad revenues drop, organizations continue to invest more in digital as they acknowledge its growing influence across every industry. 2 out of 3 marketers have already moved at least 30% of their budgets from traditional to digital media. With this in mind, it is in digital marketing where most skills are urgently required within marketing departments.


digital skills


Generating a high volume of high-quality leads is a priority for any marketer; yet only 13% say their lead generation strategies are “very successful” in achieving their main objectives. Digital tools and
capabilities can provide the solution and generate significant cost savings in the process; organizations that adopt digital marketing tactics enjoy a Cost-Per-Lead that’s 61% lower than those that use a traditional outbound marketing approach.

Digital marketing facilitates streamlined, automated processes, data-driven insights and adaptable budgeting options. Because of this, the costs involved in adjusting a digital marketing campaign
are significantly lower than those required to amend a traditional marketing campaign that includes a TV, or perhaps a billboard ad.

You can easily implement cost effective campaign strategies and maximize ROI for your organization through digital efficiencies; all that’s required is a strong digital skillset to enhance your existing marketing skills


4. You can easily optimize your performance

The main advantage of a digital approach is that it is highly targeted, specific and measurable. Being able to assess the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy will enable you to iterate its success.

You can use analytics tools to identify and address both strengths and weaknesses in your digital marketing tactics. Yet with this in mind, many marketers still struggle with tracking their activity. For example, only 8% of marketers consider themselves successful at tracking the ROI of their content marketing, and 52% of social media marketers cite measuring ROI as their biggest source of frustration.

Analytics can provide invaluable insights at a high level, as well as in a more granular capacity, on a lead-by-lead basis. Recognizing the impact your digital marketing activities have on every stage of the customer journey will allow you to generate cost savings, drive more sales and maximize ROI through optimized, strategic decision making.

It’s essential that you are able to translate this valuable data into positive action. The key to this success is the ability to understand and interpret these insights, comprehensive digital skills training. Do you know how to optimize your lead generation strategy? Are you sure how to improve close rates? Are you aware of the specific needs and preferences of your target customers? Once you have the ability to measure the effects of your marketing efforts, you’ll be able to make easier, quicker, data-driven business decisions.


Benefits of Digital Marketing

I had heard a lot of reviews from people in the industry about the benefits of Digital Marketing Institute in this area. Additionally, the chance to learn from the very tenured lecturers that they have on staff was the main draw for me.
                                                                                                                                  – Kelly Herbst, Hubspot


By investing in a digital marketing course that is tailored to your specific needs and interests, you can significantly enhance your marketing effectiveness.

(This article was originally released and published by Digital Marketing Institute (DMI)) 


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