Why Traditional Marketers Need To Upgrade To Digital

Why Traditional Marketers Need To Upgrade To Digital


Since the early twentieth century, long-established outbound methods and principles have underpinned successful marketing strategies. A strong understanding of the 4P’s and being able to evaluate your promotion mix are essential foundational skills, but  as digital transformation continues to make an unavoidable impact, traditional techniques alone are no longer enough to sustain a marketing strategy, let alone the entire industry.


On average, 60% of a marketer’s time is now dedicated to managing digital marketing activities, which is seriously accelerating the demand for digital skills training.


The development of digital skills is essential if you want to cultivate a competitive edge and achieve career development as the marketing profession is shaped by digital practices now more than ever.

Digital skills are also a necessity if you want to maximize ROI for your business. Direct mail, print advertising and  TV  are  expensive and time-consuming tactics, and their influence on the consumer continues to diminish, as magazine circulation figures plummet and millennials watch less traditional TV in favor  of  on  demand  video from platforms such as Netflix. As traditional ad revenues drop, organizations continue to invest more in digital as they acknowledge   its growing influence across every industry. 2 out of 3 marketers have already moved at least 30% of their budgets from traditional to digital media. With this in mind, it is in digital marketing where most skills are urgently required within marketing departments.


There is an urgent need for skilled digital marketing professionals

2 out of 3 marketers has moved 30% of budget to digital

Digital dominates, yet despite this unavoidable fact, the global digital skills shortage is remarkable! A survey conducted by Smart Insights revealed that recruiting marketers with the right mix of digital skills   is often a challenge, with over 50% describing the recruitment of digitally skilled professionals as ‘challenging’ or ‘very challenging’. In that same survey, only 9% of marketers assessed their skills as strong for all digital marketing activities.

Traditional marketers are struggling to upskill, recent graduates have studied a curriculum that doesn’t incorporate  digital,  and  employers are struggling to find candidates with consistent, comprehensive skill sets.

As demand for digital experts consistently outweighs supply, organizations are finally beginning to invest in the necessary skills training  to  support  digital  career  development  and  the  retention of valuable employees as a result. 2016 will see even more emphasis placed on education as a means for both individuals and organizations to keep pace with a constantly evolving industry. In  fact, according to Smart Insights, one third of organizations are planning to introduce a digital transformation program for their employees, and one third already have.

In order to achieve continued career success, a traditional marketer needs to be able to position themselves as a vital and necessary talent within their organization. In other words, they need to upgrade their marketing skillset from traditional to digital.


Impress your employer by generating cost savings for your organization

Digital marketing produces better cost per leadGenerating a high volume of high-quality leads is a priority for any marketer; yet only 13% say their lead generation strategies are “very successful” in achieving their main objectives.

Digital tools and capabilities can provide the solution and generate significant cost savings in the process; organizations that adopt digital marketing tactics enjoy a Cost-Per-Lead that’s 61% lower than those that use a traditional outbound marketing approach.

Digital marketing facilitates streamlined, automated processes, data-driven insights and adaptable budgeting options. Because of this, the costs involved in adjusting a digital marketing campaign   are significantly lower than those required to amend a traditional marketing campaign that includes a TV, or perhaps a billboard ad.

You can easily implement cost effective campaign strategies and maximize ROI for your organization through digital efficiencies; all that’s required is a strong digital skillset to enhance your existing marketing skills.


Digital skills can help you to increase customer engagement and drive revenue

Establishing strong customer engagement is an essential component of any successful marketing strategy. Before you can convert your customers, you need to be able to convince them. Digital tools and channels have revolutionized the customer’s journey and strongly influenced how they make their decision to purchase. They are empowered by digital, and more motivated to reach online for educational, informative content than talk to an impersonal sales rep.

digital marketing produces significant measurable ROI

Digital allows marketers to adopt a customer-centric, modern marketing strategy that favours personalized emails over cold calls; you have the ability to humanize your brand and foster meaningful customer relationships that are more likely to convert in a more long- term, strategic context that includes repeat purchases.

61% of customers say they feel better about, and are more likely to buy from, a company that delivers custom content, a key practice within digital marketing. If you refine your digital capabilities, you can harness a successful customer-centric strategy and drive more revenue in the process.




Stay ahead of the pack. Evolve into an all-powerful digital marketer

By investing in a digital marketing course that is tailored to your specific needs and interests, you can significantly enhance your marketing capabilities with a highly analytical, strategic digital skillset.

This article was originally released and published by Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) 


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