How a professional diploma in digital marketing can benefit your organization

How a professional diploma in digital marketing will benefit your organisation




59% of companies say they are worried they may be too late with their digital transformation efforts and will fall behind their competitors. This highlights the indisputable fact that digital is no longer a differentiator – it sets the standard for organizations across every industry.


91% of companies say that faster digital transformation strategies would offset challenges and greatly benefit their organizations.


The adoption of digital tools and techniques is now tantamount to commercial survival. Global digital advertising revenue has surpassed the traditional stalwart of TV and is set to reach over 260 billion US dollars by 2020.

Yet as many organizations continue to unlock their digital potential, there is a high volume still in denial about the unquestionable need to embrace digital change. In a recent skills report compiled by the Digital Marketing Institute, we found that organizational engagement with digital is low in Ireland (only 40% of companies are digitally engaged), the USA (31%) and the UK (25%).

digital adoption still low

The general consensus among employees is that the pace of technological and digital change within their organizations is too slow, and that factors such as a fear of loss of control, especially amongst employees aged 35-49 years, is hindering its adoption.

Only 25% of organizations in Ireland, 20% in the UK and 18% in the US provide essential training support, figures which further diminish the smaller the company size.

Digital adoption is essential for organizations who want to keep pace with their competitors. Yet despite its demonstrable ability to increase employee motivation and productivity, and effect inordinate positive change, many key stakeholders and decision makers remain resistant.

If your organization is unconvinced by the powerful potential of digital, we’ve outlined the key advantages of studying our foundational course, the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing


89% of marketers rate SEO successful at achieving important objectives of improved search rankings, website traffic and lead generation.

Digital skills Improved Search ranking, website traffic and lead generation


Build brand awareness

If your organization has the necessary skills to develop an all-encompassing digital strategy, you can easily and efficiently build brand awareness and foster a sense of customer loyalty that will ultimately lead to increased profits.

The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing will provide you with a foundational knowledge of all key specialisms, from email and social media marketing, to Search Engine Optimization and paid search advertising. These digital disciplines can all be leveraged to help your brand reach a broader, more relevant audience, with whom you can nurture valuable relationships.

There has been a considerable shift in the balance of power between businesses and the consumer. Increasingly, consumers are turning to digital channels to self-educate and make their final purchase decision. Because of this propensity to research online, it’s essential that organizations can offer a website that is fully optimized for search engines, to maximize their visibility and value. 89% of marketers rate SEO successful at achieving important objectives of improved search rankings, website traffic and lead generation.

If your organization is competent and proactive on a variety of digital channels, you will be in a position to showcase the unique benefits of your brand to the right audience at the right time. If you want to excel at search marketing to enhance brand recognition, your organization needs to consider digital skills training.


Generate more revenue

Digital marketing can drive more revenue and increase ROI for any organization in any industry, be it B2B or B2C. As buyers are more educated and self-reliant than ever before, in order to improve profitability, organizations need to improve both their sales and marketing performance.

The number of worldwide social media users is projected to grow from 2.1 billion last year to 2.5 billion by 2018. This provides a significant potential customer base to which your organization can market and sell, and one whose purchase decisions are most likely influenced by social content. In fact, 57% of consumers say that they’re influenced to think more highly of brands after seeing positive comments online.

Social media marketing can enable your sales and marketing teams to significantly increase their conversion rate by equipping them with the ability to nurture meaningful customer relationships and establish themselves as industry thought-leaders. You can provide valuable information to buyers at every stage of the customer journey through the platforms that matter most to them.

All your organization needs is sufficient digital skills training in order to harness the power of social.


why should your employee get a professional diploma in digital marketing


Make significant cost savings

Organizations are allocating a growing portion of their budget to digital marketing, giving less priority to traditional and direct mail marketing; according to HubSpot, 54% more leads are generated by digital marketing tactics at a lower Cost Per Lead than traditional paid marketing.

This investment in digital tools and techniques, rather than traditional outbound marketing methods, saves companies an average of $20,000 per year. For marketing departments, the greatest barriers to lead generation success are a lack of resources in terms of staffing, budget and time.

Digital tools and technologies can provide a scalable solution to this obstacle, through streamlined, automated processes, data-driven insights and adaptable budgeting options. Because of this, the costs involved in adjusting a digital marketing campaign are significantly lower than those required to amend a traditional marketing campaign that includes a TV, or perhaps a billboard ad.

Your organization can easily implement cost effective campaign strategies and maximize ROI; all that’s required is a strong digital skillset.


Address the digital skills gap

As the global digital economy continues to experience major growth, organizations have had to adapt their marketing methods and techniques in order to survive. Just as there is a huge requirement for digital strategies and tactic, there is an urgent demand for skilled digital professionals to execute them.

Yet despite the need for digital experts with specific proficiencies, there is an unavoidable skills gap affecting many organizations’ abilities to successfully leverage digital. In the Digital Marketing Institute’s 2014 digital skills report, we drew attention to a major skills deficit, as 8 in 10 professionals with a marketing remit in Ireland failed to achieve entry level digital competency.

In our 2016 report, we found that Irish digital skills are on a par with the UK and USA, and all three countries are equally low – scoring 38% on average. These results reinforce that now more than ever, there is a global digital talent crisis

According to Adobe, companies with a plan for their digital maturity seek to train and advance the skills of their existing workforce, and hire the people they need to get the most from digital tools and technology. The key is to implement a strategic and sustainable education plan so both individuals and companies can keep pace with the industry and employers can attract and retain valuable employees.

digital skills is equally low

Why should your employees get a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing?

An independently accredited qualification will advance your employee’s digital skills, and enable them to instantly apply their learning in the workplace.

A practical, skills-based syllabus combines all the latest digital marketing techniques and strategies. We provide the most up-to-date, industry aligned learning content.

Our Professional Diploma is designed and developed by industry experts, and benefits from their first-hand professional experience and cutting edge knowledge.

Upon completion of this internationally recognized and respected course, your qualified workforce will align your organization with the global certification standard for digital marketing education.

The Professional Diploma is the first step in our qualifications roadmap. Studying this course provides employees with the opportunity to continue their journey and upskill accordingly.


67% of companies believe that partnering with more digitally advanced organizations is a viable strategy for effecting digital transformation.

“The course came highly recommended by a friend and after researching various other digital marketing courses, the Digital Marketing Institute was an obvious choice for me to make. The variety of modules offered and covering all digital channels was exactly what I was looking for.” – Davin Kelly, Twitter


(This article was originally released and published by Digital Marketing Institute (DMI)) 


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