Four Digital Marketing Strategies to Transform Your Business

Four Digital Marketing Strategies to Transform Your Business

Since the inception of the internet, a lot of technological innovations have transformed the way marketing is done. Going digital is a necessity that every business must give serious consideration, especially when more and more consumers go online to research a product before making a purchasing decision.

Every year, something new comes up in the ever-evolving digital landscape. The best way to keep up and take the lead from thousands of competitors is to craft a solid marketing strategy that will put your brand forward. Your marketing efforts must not only attract the target customers but also convert them to paying customers.

To succeed in this venture, you need to learn and examine the hottest trends in digital marketing presented in the infographic below by Serpwatch. It will help you determine the channels and platforms that will work best for your business, ensuring you remain relevant and successful in the face of the growing competition.


Four Digital Marketing Strategies to Transform Your Business


We take a look at some of the best digital marketing strategies and how they can transform your business.


Organic Search

The importance of ranking high on search engine results cannot be emphasized enough. Every day, millions of queries are keyed in from users all over the world, which is why it’s not surprising to find that many businesses include SEO in their digital strategy.

By making it to the top of SERPs, you will expose your brand to more users, capture more traffic, convert them into paying customers, and dramatically increase revenue.


Mobile First

Whether you are ranking for organic searches, building a strong presence on social media, or running an email marketing campaign, the need for mobile optimization is one of the primary considerations for many marketers.

People are relying on smartphones and other mobile devices to search for information, shop, and get entertained. Making sure that your marketing campaigns render properly on mobile devices is important. Many users abandon sites that are not mobile-friendly. Mobile-optimized websites tend to be favored by search engines, too.


Content Marketing

Educate first, sell later. This is a popular mantra among content marketing experts who believe that providing value for customers is the best way to gain their trust, engage their senses, and build a lasting relationship with them that goes beyond the buying cycle.

Good content is the foundation of your digital marketing efforts. It goes hand in hand with SEO as major search engine algorithms tend to favor websites with superb content that is not only engaging but also valuable to the users. Many marketers believe it was the most effective marketing technique in 2018.


Video Marketing

Videos are the future of marketing. Many predict that this form of content will dominate internet traffic by 2021. Videos have a way to engage users’ senses and provide them with more intimate customer experience.

Many businesses use them to promote products through demos and tutorials, events, behind-the-scenes, and even testimonials. Video ads are more likely to catch the attention of consumers researching for products or services they are interested in, encouraging them to make a purchase.

As a marketing tool, videos are undoubtedly effective. In fact, this method is used by 81% of businesses in their marketing strategies.

Take a look at the current digital marketing stats and trends in the infographic by Serpwatch below and achieve your business goals this 2019.


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