Our Mission

Creating Value and Enrichment in Lifelong Learning.


Our Pledge

  • Graduates: Become Employable Fast. Attain marketable qualification to enhance career mobility and advancement
  • Professionals: Retool Your Career
    Retooling of skills and enhancement of knowledge for individuals. Networking for professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Companies: Retrain and Retain Valuable Employees
    Added productivity and effectiveness in the workforce to employers

Our Core Values

  • Integrity; offering products and services in a trustworthy manner
  • Innovation; successfully competitive through new approaches and designs
  • Quality; pursuit of excellence as the standard of goodness

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All effective business leaders know that the learning process never stops. KMDC will enable you to learn and grow whilst you run your business and/ or pursue your career at the same time. We are an Executive Learning Network, aimed at developing and enhancing the capabilities of business leaders and professionals through leading edge and high quality executive education and professional development programs.

A Brief History – KMDC was known as Centre for Professional Education and Development (CPED) of KDU College in the 1990s-early 2000s. In 2002, CPED has transformed into a new entity as KDU Management Development Centre (KMDC). KMDC is a subsidiary of Paramount Corporation Berhad and a member of Paramount Education which consists of Sekolah Sri KDU (private primary school and secondary school), Sri KDU International School, KDU College Petaling Jaya, KDU University College and KDU Penang University College.


Our Model

The team at KMDC understands what drives individuals and organizations to succeed and advance in leadership positions.

Our model engages learning members in a transformational experience that goes beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge.

Our learning model aims to bring professionals, client organizations, partner learning providers and learning members together in a network that can promote lasting, rewarding and satisfying learning experiences.

Our learning members can look forward to meeting business partners, clients, colleagues and lifelong friends through our programs.

KMDC’s learning model is supported by a unique and innovative suite of learning programs, ranging from professional certificate to continuing executive development programs.

KMDC Learning Network

The KMDC Executive Learning Network

The Executive Learning Network defines the unique learning experience at KMDC. Modeled after the best business and executive learning centres in the world, the people at KMDC realize the limitations of the traditional lecture-based learning process. To ensure that our learning members are exposed to the absolute learning experience and executive education that goes beyond the framework of theories – and to enable professionals to immediately utilize their enhanced management and leadership capabilities – KMDC provides the most effective learning and professional development solutions.

The only safe ship in a storm is leadership

– Faye Wattleton

Learning Providers

The KMDC Learning Network is supported by a unique and innovative suite of products and services, from professional certification and executive education to graduate programs from world-class universities and professional bodies.

These programs are specially designed to develop a broad range of competencies that are essential for one to succeed in a competitive and rapidly changing business environment. If you are prepared to exploit new markets, innovate enterprise, structures and technologies, sharpen your personal business and analytical skills, problem solve and create new opportunities out of challenges, KMDC is the Learning Network for you.

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Client Organisations

Today’s business environment is highly competitive and the credentials of professionals matter.

Finding, developing and retaining the right people for business development and succession planning remain areas of the greatest manpower concerns in businesses today. Most organizations recognize the need to be proactive in human capital development. KMDC’s client organizations are passionate about their people and they plan to identify and develop talent to secure leadership continuity for all positions with focus on meeting strategic needs.

The KMDC Learning Network provides relevant and customized programs that promise to be strategic investments in the development of executive resources at our client organizations. These investments have a proven record of real returns to businesses. Our commitment to our clients include:

  • Return on Investment on Human Capital Development
  • A Retention Tactic that Works
  • Links with World-Class Organizations to ensure that you are in Good Company
  • Value, Currency and Convenience

Learning Members

KMDC’s thrust on the ‘click-and-mentor’ and ‘collaborative learning’ structures are found to enhance the performance of people in the workplace. This is possible because our programs integrate real-life business challenges and experiences with desired learning outcomes.

The learning support component of the KMDC Executive Learning Network connects one to a pool of highly qualified and experienced trainers and facilitators as well as their peers in fields and industries spanning the business world and beyond for the exchange of business knowledge and experiences. The Learning Network provides the platform for sharing issues and solutions and to be at the forefront of global trends and changes.

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